Helping Society and Helping Nature of Current People

Sociable society

Helping society:-  

Hello friends, today we talk about the society around us.Today, we talk about the good of society and it is bad too.

Why is it necessary to live with society?

Friends, we are such birds who like to live in the society and should also stay.Friends, we have a lot to live in society.Living in society makes a lot of difference in our lives.Living in society makes a lot of difference in our lives. By staying in the society, we can think of others or our own good or bad.Can share with others.  And solve each other's problems .

 Benefit of living in society :-

We have not been friends since today and have been living in society since ages.
Which will continue like this till today.  Society is very useful in our lives. If we go to Delhi like this, it is useful not only for us but also from earlier times.In this way, people were subjected to each other in congregation and used to hunt while staying in society and used to meet and meet each other in society.
Used to have fun.  He shared his happiness and sorrow with one another and used to live together with him. When we meet any kind of attacker due to living together in the society, then we can get the same by seeking service from the same society.
If we think that there is no society then how would we spend our life alone. If everyone in the society was meaning to himself, then people would start killing themselves from inside, no one would ask any solution nor did anyone save them.

Society is also such a family that as much as parents love to save themselves, we should be with our society.

We expect a lot from society.  If the stuff is not there, the  we have a grudge for everything.
All of these make a good society with which it becomes easy to spend your life.

 A sociable society :-

* We should be sociable for our society. The society should live in harmony with each other.

* Together we should do some good work for the society so that the welfare of society.

* Everyone in the society should have the right to express their views and not any one.

* Have a week in the society or a program to meet once a month in which about the good and bad of your society .
Talk about the good and bad of your society.

* Always try to keep the society clean.

Conclusion :-  

So friends, we should live together in our society, it is very important to be with the society, whose society we live with even in times of difficulty.

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