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120 Best world General knowledge questions and answers in english

120  best General knowledge questions and their answers in english  120  best General knowledge questions and their answers in english  If you are preparing for an opposition or want to access a place to study in an educational center, below you can find a list of general culture questions and their answers.  1. What are the five types of primary flavors?  Taste is one of our five senses.  The primary flavors are sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami.  2. What is the coldest place on earth?  Antarctica, which is covered with layers between two thousand and three thousand meters thick  3. Who wrote The Odyssey? Although some may believe that it is the Nile ... it is actually the Amazon.  5. What is the longest river in the world?  Although some may believe that it is the Nile ... it is actually the Amazon.    6. What is the name of the Queen of the United Kingdom?  The current British monarch is called Isabel II.  7. In which continent is Ecuador?  Ecua

10 tips How important is it to know english language

study English- English has become the universal language being English, the most spoken language in the world.  For this reason thousands of people decide to study English as a second language since having a good knowledge and understanding of English will only bring you advantages both personally and professionally.  The two best-known English dialects are American and British, the latter also called "Oxford English" for being the English taught at the University of Oxford.  These two variations of English are increasingly expanding, as they are those taught as a foreign language in half the world and are supported by the dissemination provided by the English-speaking media.  The reasons for studying English are many and varied.  Here we want to offer you the most important, apart from a little information about the language, and a list of practical tips with which you can learn English in a much faster and more efficient way.  Universal language:-  You can commu

Best 9 reliable tricks How to read remember

The 9 most reliable tricks to memorize large amounts of information  Every day, millions of students around the world break their heads trying to know how they could memorize everything they have read in books, magazines and the internet.  In this regard, the British newspaper The Independent published a list of the nine tricks that are most popular among Internet users of the Quora portal and, without difficulty, will help you retain a lot of new data in your head.  1. Take a quick look at the text  According to the article written by Professor in Neuroscience Bill Klemm, the best way to memorize something is to take a quick look at the text.  To learn something particular by heart, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the general issues, according to Klemm.  2. Take notes  Another method also useful for memorizing the facts is to never read a book without a pencil in your hand.  "Underlining sentences is complicated, interesting and important. [

Best 13 tips how to learn engish fast and easily

The 13 best tips to learn English quickly and easily:-  We are currently very busy with work, children, shopping, running errands, taking time for friends, visiting family, etc., and we all want to know the easiest, fastest and most effective way to learn English.  But: when do we have time to sit down to learn a language?  Look at some tips to learn English quickly and easily.  1. Spend time a day  First and realistically, you have to spend time studying English every week, even if they are few minutes a day.  My advice to learn vocabulary is very easy.  Look at point  2. Learn 4 words in English every morning  Every morning think four words in your language that you don't know in English and write them in a notebook.  Even before taking the cup of coffee, use a dictionary or the Internet to find the meaning of English words.  These are going to be your vocabulary of the day.  You have to repeat the words throughout the day.  Take the notebook with you, in the car,

How to keep a healthy weight mention some tips

keep a healthy weight - The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is to exercise regularly and have good eating habits.  Some people believe that exercising and following good eating habits requires a lot of effort and planning but this is not true.  In fact, the best way to change daily habits is by making small changes that will gradually become part of our daily routine.  We all know what it means to introduce changes in our daily lives that are now firmly established in our lifestyle — for example, we have all learned to brush our teeth and are used to doing it several times each day.  Here is the information you need to make other healthy changes just as easy.  Regular exercise:-  Teens should do 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  Look at the word "activity": as long as you make your body move, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to do complicated exercises or go to the gym daily.  The important thing is that every week you do activity

Best 15 tips how to be happy in life

How to be happy in life: Give up these 15 habit.  How to be happy is not always about what you do.  In fact, and very often, it's about what you stop doing.  Especially if they involve these habits that you will see below.  If you are not happy with your life, whether personal or professional, the problem is not your education, lack of opportunities, attitudes of other people, or even bad luck.  If you feel unhappy, the problem is you.  What does your happiness depend on?  60% of happiness is determined by your personality traits, which are largely inherited.  The other 60% of how to be happy is determined by factors over which you have control: your health, your career, your relationships and your interests, your life purpose and what you pursue.  This is why, if you feel unhappy, it is in your hands to change it.  And because happiness depends largely on what you stop doing, here you have more than 15 habits that you should give up if you want to learn how to

Beauty best tips how to glow face simple home made beauty tips

Beauty tips- we all have them.  But are we sure they are good?  We are trying to get back on track with 12 make-up tips and loose care.  For those who already know them, well done!  For those who are lost in the whirlwind of beauty, these simple and effective beauty tips could quickly become your bare minimum to display beautiful skin and a fresh complexion.  follow the guide   1. Eliminate excess sebum :-   This is the basis for displaying beautiful skin on a daily basis and eliminating sebum and other impurities that cloud the complexion: good facial cleansing.  For this, arm yourself with a good cleanser for clean skin!  Be careful to choose it according to your skin type, oily skin will not have the same needs as dry skin for example.  You can perfect your cleaning routine by applying a small lotion to remove lime from the water.  Finally, don't forget to make a small scrub once a week to remove dead cells.   2. To avoid dark circles, take into account the blood circ

Best tips how to success in business launching your online business

Succees in business: how to do it?  If you are wondering how to succeed in business, it is that somewhere, you have understood that enrichment (both from a financial and personal point of view) goes through the emancipation of the bonds which are subordination and salaried  .  You want to assert yourself.  Create value and share it with the world.  And that mindset is that of success.  But there is one more important thing to do: take steps to be successful in business.  The logic of mentoring: help to improve yourself:-  We all need a mentor.  From one or more elsewhere.  People capable of guiding us, helping us.  It's true for you, as it has been for me.  To be successful in business, you have to be able to know where you are going.  Be trained, prepared.  If you want to be successful, you will have to get involved in this training.  By going to listen to these people who are for you examples.  By following their advice.  By asking them to support you.  It’s alway

Best option How to make money from your investment

If you want to make money from your investments, the Stock Exchange offers you one of the best options to grow your capital right away.   Certainly, the technical vocabulary of finance professionals can be scary, and it's not always easy to know how to go about going public on the stock market.  However, once familiar with the financial markets of the world, novice investors quickly realize many opportunities offered by the equity market.   What is the stock market?  How to invest in it?  How do you make money?   Here's a complete summary of what you need to know to find out about investing in stocks and take your first steps on the stock market successfully.   The basics of the stock market:-   The stock market usually has a speculative jungle image without faith or law.  However, this is not entirely true since the stock market is strongly intended for business financing.  A company can indeed proceed in two ways to finance itself:-   Borrow from banks (ban