Best 15 tips how to be happy in life

How to be happy in life: Give up these 15 habit.

 How to be happy is not always about what you do.  In fact, and very often, it's about what you stop doing.  Especially if they involve these habits that you will see below.

 If you are not happy with your life, whether personal or professional, the problem is not your education, lack of opportunities, attitudes of other people, or even bad luck.

 If you feel unhappy, the problem is you.

 What does your happiness depend on?

 60% of happiness is determined by your personality traits, which are largely inherited.

 The other 60% of how to be happy is determined by factors over which you have control: your health, your career, your relationships and your interests, your life purpose and what you pursue.

 This is why, if you feel unhappy, it is in your hands to change it.

 And because happiness depends largely on what you stop doing, here you have more than 15 habits that you should give up if you want to learn how to be happy.

 Habits you must change to learn how to be happy:

 The poet Rumi once said "your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers that you have built within yourself against him."

 The same can be said about your search for how to be happy.

 Instead of looking for happiness abroad, look inside you for all those things that prevent you from being, and work to correct them.

 1. Never equal purchases with satisfaction

 Psychologists call it hedonistic adaptation, which is that people automatically change the joy of a new purchase toward their emotional norm.

 Put simply, it is that feeling of joy every time you look at your new house, new car, new furniture or new clothes.

 The point is that it quickly disappears and the only way to recover is to buy something new.

 This becomes an addictive cycle that will never lead to long-term satisfaction, much less in your search for how to be happy.

 And it will not because that is not how we are made;  Our true happiness comes from doing, not from having.  So if you're wondering how to be happy and feel good about yourself, don't buy something, rather go and help someone.

 2. Never let the fear of criticism stop you

 When you try something different and are willing to try things that others will not do, it will immediately cause others to talk about you, and usually not in a positive way.

 If you don't want people to talk, tease, discredit or judge you, do what others do, talk like others talk, and live their lives and not yours.

 This is a guaranteed formula to never be happy.

 Remember that the fact that people are talking about you is a sign that you are on the right path.

 3. Never forget to be the last

 Everyone wants to be the first.  However, it is often better to be the last: The last to give up, the last to leave, the last to keep trying, the last to give up its principles and values.

 There will always be people who are smarter, more talented, who are better connected and have better funds than you.

 However, they will not always win because they may not be persistent with themselves.  Demanding.

 Be the last to give up on yourself and your principles is one of the keys to how to be happy.  If you do so, if you fail, you will have won.

 4. Stop waiting for that great idea

 You're not going to hit the big ideas lottery, so stop trying.

 Also, even if you came up with that great idea, do you think this is enough to be learning how to be successful?

 Where is the execution, skills, experience and knowledge you need?

 Today you have a lot of small ideas with great potential, so stop looking for that great giant idea that will change your life and make those you already have in mind come true.

 Happiness is a process, and processes are based on action. SHARE IN TWITTER

 5. Don't be afraid to throw yourself:

 Naturally we tend to be afraid to throw ourselves when everything is ready.  And the reason we feel panic is because our idea faces a harsh reality: it sinks or learns to swim.

 And the truth is that we are afraid that this idea that you have worked so hard to sink into ...

 The point is that it can sink, but if you don't throw it you'll never know if it can swim.  As Seth Godin states:

 «You have to throw.  No product can succeed until it is released.  No application can succeed until it is published.  No service can succeed until it is in the field »

 In case you are doubting, throw it.  Then correct what doesn't work and launch it again.  Do not stop moving forward.  You can't feel proud until you throw yourself.  So throw yourself a lot.  This applies fundamentally to the moment you decide to start a business.

 6. Never see your resume as a goal

 Many people take jobs and work experience seeking to have a winning resume, but when you look back, you will see that their summary is like a report card.

 Do not base your life, or your search for how to be happy, to fill in blanks, or to satisfy some "ideal" professional level.

 If you really want to improve your resume, base your life on the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.

 Define what you want to achieve and how you would like your life to be, then find out what you need to make it happen.  Finally, let your resume reflect that process.

 7. How to be happy?  Stop waiting

 What should you stop waiting for in your life?  For the right time, for the right people, the right market and the right things.

 People who live waiting, let their lives pass.  The only thing you are entitled to is your present, at this time, so take advantage of it and stop pursuing mental illusions of what your life should be like in the future.

 Start answering your question about how to be happy right now.

 8. Stop thinking you're not happy

 Close your eyes.  Imagine that someone has the power to take away everything that belongs to you: your family, work or business, home, everything.  Imagine everything is gone.

 Would you beg to recover that life?  Would you feel full if you had this back in your life?  Would you understand that when you thought about how to be happy, what you had was much more important than what you didn't have?

 Would you realize that something quite incredible was taken from you?  Of course you would.  So open your eyes: literally and figuratively.

 9. Forget your inherent value:

 Your value does not depend on external factors such as titles, sentimental situation, financial status or university career.

 These are roles you simply play in your life;  As a human being you are worth it, you have a story to tell and something to offer.

 10. Worry about the future:


 When you worry about something bad that can happen in your life, you are creating your own hell within yourself, moving away that peace and tranquility that you enjoy in the present.

 11. Compare yourself with others:

 Mark Twain once said that "comparison is the enjoyment of death."

 Stop comparing yourself to other people, comparing each restaurant, romantic moment, couple, coffee or holiday you have enjoyed.

 How to be happy implies accepting that situations are different and remembering that diversity and contrast is what makes you interesting.

 12. Not be grateful:

 When you focus too much on what you don't have, you usually forget everything you do.  So stop and appreciate all the love, blessings and abundance in your life;  You will surely understand how lucky you are.

 There will be no happiness in your life if you don't practice gratitude, only when you thank you show the universe your ability to receive more.

 13. Ignore your instincts:

 Most people live a life that does not belong to them.  They lead a life that others expect of them, and still wonder how to be happy.

 Remember that living a life that is not yours is the main regret of people before they die.

 You must have the courage to follow your instincts, the ability to be faithful to your passions and beliefs, and above all, do what you think is right, not what others expect of you.

 14. Let yourself be driven by your ego:

 The ego is your social mask and the image you have of yourself.  Something insecure and easily hurt by people's opinion and life events.

 Learn to cover the soul, that eternal essence that is beyond all criticism, opinions and labels.  Learn to have more confidence in yourself.

 Unlike your ego, this essence is full of intelligence, strength, love and wisdom.  To learn how to be happy, follow this essence.

 15. Leave your comfort zone:-

 You avoid taking risks in your life and following your dreams because you feel safe, although unhappy, with what you currently have.

 You forget that today's certainties can change at any time, which implies that "your security" does not depend on what you have today.  In short, one of the keys in your search for how to be happy is to make the decision to leave your comfort zone.

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