Nepali 2078 Happy Vijaya Dashami Wishes with images - 2021

bada Dashain 2078

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about the biggest festival of Nepal and they will also share how people celebrate this festival. You can find Happy Dashain Status, Special, Dashain Images to send to your friend in this post, which you can send to your friends. This festival of Nepali people is the biggest festival of all the festivals, so people celebrate this festival with great pomp. And those who go abroad to earn money. Those people have also come to their country Nepal to celebrate this festival, come to their home and celebrate this festival with their family. In this post you will find Nepali 2021 happy dashain festival wishes with images.

Best Dashain Wishes 2078 (2021)

Dashain festival being the biggest festival, everyone wishes each other before its arrival. Some send to their family members, some to their friends, some to their special photos. Some people post in their facebook and somewhere in social media. And the joy of the arrival of this festival is overshadowed in the social media of all the people.

Today we are going to show Nepali 2078 Happy Dashsin Festival Wishes and Pictures (2021) which everyone can also share with their friends.

happy Dashain wishes

Happy Dashain best wishes

happy vijaya dashami Best wishes

happy vijaya dashami Best wishes

Happy Dashain best wishes

happy Dashain 2078 ( 2021 ) best wishes

Nepali happy Dashain best wishes

happy Dashain best wishes

Dashain festival celebrate images.

On this day, all people take very good photos and post them on their social media. Some kind of photos are taken while some worship, some tika and jamara while putting it in your head, some while eating food, some with their family.

About Dashain Festival. 

Dashain Festival is the biggest and most celebrated festival of Nepal. In particular, this festival is also known as vijaya Dashami. ( Bada Dashain)  This festival can also be called a kind of religious festival. In particular, this is the most religious festival of the year, so all Nepalese people celebrate this festival with great pomp.

the most important thing about this festival is the victory of good over evil. Durga Mata is worshiped on these days. Everyone starts preparing before the arrival of this festival. This festival is a big festival for Nepali people. Before this day people worship Goddess Drug. And all the people worship their own weapons. 

Dashain festival

One or two weeks before the Dashain festival, one has to start preparing for this festival. Everyone starts decorating their own house.

And all the people come back to their homes from far away to celebrate this festival and these days the office, school, factory all remain almost closed.

How do Nepali people celebrate Dashain ?

On the day of Dashain festival, everyone wakes up early in the morning and prepares to celebrate this festival. Everyone prepares to celebrate this festival by wearing new clothes on this day. Everyone prepares to celebrate this festival by wearing new clothes on this day. So that any guest who comes to his house can make him happy. And finally the time comes to celebrate the biggest festival of the year. 

tika ra jamara

happy Dashain best wishes

In Dashain day, Elder give money with Tika, Jamara and blessing to younger. Elder people give money to the people younger than themselves as a blessing and later they are given to eat good food after filling their stomach. 

All people go to their relatives and take blessings from them as well, their companions also celebrate this festival with great pomp. There is happiness on everyone's face on this day. And this festival is celebrated like this for about 5 days.
On this festival, everyone plays cards. And everyone plays the game by forming their own group. Everyone plays cards, children, oldman, women, all make this festival more fun by playing this game with their own group. 

What dishes do Nepali people cook on the day of Dashain Festival?

Very good and delicious dishes are made on this day. In which many dishes like potato pickle, meat, roti, sweet roti, are made. And the most traditional food of this festival is called Sel Roti. Which is prepared a few days after the arrival of Dashain festival.

sel roti

You must talk to us about our Nepali 2078 Happy Dasain Festival Wishes with Images 2021 and about dashain by writing a comment so that we can write more articles for you.

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